Sunday, 8 December 2013

8/31 A Floppy Longsleeved Top

It's hard to photograph a black knit top... without looking funny and angular.

So here's another selfdrafted pattern (this week it's been non stop DIY, man) that I used with the tshirt in the first photo here, because it's floppy and lovely in the warmer weather. I got some cotton knit stuff (maybe a Japanese fabric actually) from Spotlight recently, and just copied the neckline and the width from the grey tshirt, but I wanted arms... so this tshirt is pretty much a wide rectangle, with little holes for the armholes, but instead at the underarm/shoulder, I made them just above the elbow (as you can see in the awkward/angular photo above).

URGH, hard to explain, but I think you get me, right? In ode to Megan Nielson and all the Briar tops, I made it short at the front and long at the back. I'm sure Meg's pattern is far more gorgeous, but hey, this works for now!

Hooray. Those leggings are just too good, I wore them two days in a row!

Happy Sunday to you as well! We are catching up on a few things, I'm working a couple days in a row this week and then going on a HOLIDAY with my baby and mum! I'm excited but I have realised I should make a bunch of things so I can feel good in new clothes instead of daggy Mamalyf duds. I wore my blue dress last night to a Christmas party and it was AMAZING.


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