Thursday, 2 January 2014

22/31 Refashioned Toddler Dress

Pretty boring photos today, sorry! We are leaving tomorrow for our holiday, and I'm running around with Mum and Baby Darling trying to get packed and buy stupid last minute things and get my sandals fixed, but I didn't want to leave without getting all my photos taken of my projects from December.

If you recall, I'm making a thing a day in December, but as always with life, mamalyf, work, blogging and celebrations, I'm out of whack for blog posts, but all my projects are 'sewn' up and I'll post them here over the next week while I'm away. Hooray! A GREAT way to kickstart to the sewing hobby, I can tell you!

Here's the leftover fabric from this project, and using some stashed red fabric for the bodice, it's now a dress! For a toddler! I am loving how easy it is to make childrenswear from scraps in the sewing room... and I'm getting a good radar now of what to keep (ie. what will be actually useful) and what to chuck. A good system for a messy seamstress like myself!

As usual, I made the neckline and armhole binding from strips of stretch knit (making the stretchier bit of the fabric run parallel to the binding means you can stretch it out a bit while you sew to attach, so the neckline/armhole isn't gapey - if that makes sense), and for this dress I used the existing hemline from Mum's tshirt and just gathered it a bit to attach to the red bodice pieces. It was the quickest project and I gave it to my friend yesterday and she LOVED it! Her little girl will be just gorgeous in it!

Maybe as happy as Baby here... this is my Baby's Baby.. a lovely dolly that we call Baby... BD carries her around and kisses and cuddles her. Oh so sweet.

She's borderline creepy though, sometimes if she's just sitting somewhere and I walk into the room, I get a bit of a fright!


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