Friday, 3 January 2014

23/31 A Little Girl's Card

I'm keeping way too many fabric scraps, what about you?

We all know I'd like to try new things like quilting and scrap blanket making etc etc etc but when you're stacks busy living life and being a fucking legend all the time, it's hard to order scrap fabric into colour coded draws, thinking that one day I'll cut them into squares or triangles and do things with them.

So, I'm busting my stash of scraps and just going with the flow ... and making cards.

A busy seamstress Mama makes a lot of cards for children and now we have BeeDee, he gets invited to birthday parties, and he loves little friends and parties. So here's an example of what I stitched together quickly for 4 year old Ela...

1. Find cardboard & cut
2. Find scraps from sewing projects (Anna Christmas Dress & Kat's Pink Dress from yonkers ago)
3. Cut letter for child's name
4. Sew haphazardly straight onto cardboard (Yup, I'm reckless and probably dull my needles this way, but I'm CRAZY)
5. Write message from your child on the back.

My other scrap buster is the good old bunting, so now I have two little cupbards, one with small scraps for cards and the other for bunting. No more hoarding for never to be realised quilter and embroidering etc.


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