Monday, 6 January 2014

25/31 Romping in Thailand

Hi! This looks interesting! It's an amazing fabric from Japan that I was gifted by a good friend & colleague... her mum was moving and had oodles of fabric collected over the years, and they were both so gorgeous to share some darling bits and bobs with me. I know nothing really about the print except the edges said 'Kanedo print Made in Japan' (see my twitter photo) and it's a soft floaty cotton but feels rough and borderline synthetic. Great mix for summer holidays, I thought!

What gorgeous and unusual colours mixed up... and hey, this looks like a By Hand London Anna front, and an Anna back...


It's an Anna JUMPSUIT! Yup, I frankensteined (that's a word right?) By Hand London's Anna with Simplicity's 7491 from 1976 using the tennis shorts (without the waistband) and it matched up pretty much perfect! 

YAY! Wish I had time before holidays to photog myself in it, but hoping I'll wear this in Thailand so you can see it for reals in an ideal location!

I tried a normal size 10 UK front bodice piece this time (instead of the Full Bust Adjustment I gave my first Anna attempt) and it's spot on. So weird, as I'm using my measurements (at the moment) of 36/27/36 so I'm really inbetween sizes all round. Oh well, it works here, so why question it!?

The Anna bodice is just so quick to make up, and the V Neck super flattering for the larger chest I'm sporting. I hadn't sewn the shorts before, but they were pretty straight forward... I chose the Simplicity pattern because the back zipper matched up with the Anna bodice's back zipper. Anyways, I plan to wear a little brown belt with my tan wedges and pretty much romp around the holiday whenever we need to wear proper clothing instead of bikinis!

And my new outfits waiting to be packed in the suitcase!


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