Tuesday, 7 January 2014

26/31 A Kitchen Curtain

Some more practical sewing, but in a month of daily sewing there's got to be practical sewing. I used to sew a lot, and quickly and just anything, but in a month of my life now, there's got to be the projects that are completely practical and TOTALLY useful to everyday life.

This is a curtain for a child's kitchen cupboard... you know how fun it is as a little child to pretend cook and pretend wash up? My friend made her little girl a small kitchen from a second hand bedside table! They attached a back bit so that pots and pans can hang, painted it all white and removed the drawers so this little curtain can fit along hiding the bigger pieces of play cookware! I love the rainbow candy stripes!

It's about a metre by 30 cms and just folded over and stitched for the casing (for a rod or elastic I think!)... simple and practical. I'm sure it'll look gorgeous!


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