Thursday, 9 January 2014

27/31 Little Simple T

Yup, it's simple and it's little for BD to wear while we're on holidays... I made a singlet the other week but thought I'd try to get his little arms and shoulders covered up in case he needs to stay out of the sun.

So since I've been making so many little simple Tshirts, I've made this one slightly different, and tried a raw overlocked hem and neckline... this fabric was seriously just a scrap and not enough for binding. It's leftover material from this gorgeous dress from 2009 (I'm seriously cleaning out my stash of scraps, right?), and was originally from the Fabric Store in Sydney.

Of course when I needed my overlocker to make a tidy edge it kept fucking up, the red thread might have been a mistake... probably would have looked better on the inside instead of on top of the right side of the fabric, but the red thread was also cut in several places. It was thrifted overlocker thread and I remember a whole bunch of glue had stuck to it, so of course I snipped off all the glue but every 2-3 metres or so the thread runs out, so you have to rethread that thread. Now I'm just getting into boring sewing details, but you know what I mean if you're an overlocker fiend. Grrrr.

Anyways, again, anything looks sweet on BD, and he gets away with lots of my sewing mistakes and mishaps! Plus, childrenswear gets WORN, and often worn out or outgrown, so a few mistakes here or there isn't going to worry anyone.


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