Friday, 10 January 2014

28/31 Baby Darling's Harem Shorts

Harem shorts just don't really sound right for a child, now that I'm really thinking about it. These are low crutch shorts, poopy pants (don't they call them that on Project Runway?) or drop crotched pants. For Baby Darling I've made these really quickly out of scrap fabric (it was probably 30 cm by 50 cm - two pieces... so kind of two rectangles).

If you look at the rectangle with the longest side towards you, I chopped off the top two corners, that became the side seams, then chopped off the bottom two corners just slightly, and they became the leg holes... and the bottom bit of the rectangle became the crotch seam... so it's kinda looking more like a flattened triangle now instead of the rectangle. I'll have to draw it up sometime, let me know if you're desperate for the pattern!

Then I sew-ed up the seams, attached the red ribbed waistband (with a low stretched wide elastic inside) and the cuffs. I honestly guessed the measurements (just checked the elastic length around BD) and they turned out great. Again, I'm getting an eye for scraps and drafting and yay for sewing regularly because now I'm quick to make stuff up for children!

If these last well, they'll probably still fit him when he's 3, and be proper shorts instead of genie length now. Husbie and I were trying to remember the songs from Aladdin to sing to him, but BD just wanted to mop the floor. SO BORING AND DOMESTIC. We parents are prancing and dancing around making up songs about magic carpets and BD just wants to get on with the cleaning. Children are the worst (they are the best) I tell you.


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