Sunday, 12 January 2014

29/31 A Button Snake

OK, Mamalyf just got real.

I've made a learning toy for my child, and yes I saw it on a Montessori page that my friend shared on Facebook and yes I'm a learning nerd (my mother was an early learning educator for her entire career) for children's things and yes... I'm showing this to you because once again, I'm blogging every project I make in December and have made 31 projects and whilst I'm a bit behind in my blogging, I'm being honest and real and maybe a bit boring...

But HEY.

I have always wanted to be real life Mama here, real life seamstress and real life babe (self confident today, obviously!) and this 'no frills' stuff I keep talking about is quite important to me. Especially since I really looked at what I was writing about last year and what aspects I enjoy in blogging and sewing and creating and blah blah blah.

So, yes! Here's a learning toy and here are the instructions for you to make your own via this Montessori on a Budget blog (my FAVE kind of blog is always about thriftiness), and if you have an automatic buttonhole function on your sewing machine this takes no time to make. Because it's a learning thing as well, it doesn't have to be super perfect and matchy-matchy... it has to function as a button snake!

I've NEVER heard of a button snake before, and now... it makes sense! I've seen my child spend half an hour (sometimes longer) putting a lid on and off on a container... so why wouldn't he love buttons (he calls them 'ball') and threading them through buttonholes. I'm hoping this would be a great project on the aeroplane. We'll see.

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