Monday, 13 January 2014

30/31 Hot Weather Hat

Ooh, I've almost finished showing you all my December creations! I made 31 things last month, so I'd get a feeling for sewing a lot again and overall I think I've learnt how to sew with scraps (especially in the last few weeks) which helped clean up the sewing room as well.

We're away on holidays this week, so have been catching up on blogging my things, and it's another holiday thing: a Toddler Hat. In November I made an Oliver + S sunhat  from the free Reversible Bucket Hat pattern and it's been great, but the interlining that I used to stiffen it out makes the 3 layers of fabric quite thick and hot for my BD. He's a hot boy anyways, so wearing a hat and playing in the sun gets him very warm indeed! So I've used super cool fabric, super cool colours with no interlining and hoping that this will be cool for him in Singapore & Thailand.

The fabric is stash fabric again, leftover from a work party where I made heaps of bunting (surprise surprise) and it's just cotton from Spotlight but has a cool feel to both the stripes and spots!

I made it reversible (and didn't use the instructions, it's now my third hat, so I've already lost the instructions) but instead of attaching a necktie/spaghetti strap like last time, I used the sewing machine magic button hole to make two button holes on either side and threaded the ties through, so it can be reversible ... with the chin strap tide around the back of the hat like above while the other chin strap is doing its job. BD is quite happy leaving his hat on when it's tied on... but always takes it off if there's no strap.

Anyways, hope you've had a lovely weekend! We'll be back soon from holidays, so can't wait to catch up then.


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