Wednesday, 23 April 2014

A Photographic Study of a Mama Darling (With Words)


Missed you! Oh my Darling Blog, I've been thinking of you! It's been busy for us here in the Darling World...

In the past week alone I:

  1. Made Hot Kissed Buns
  2. Produced a national radio comedy show for Good Friday, with 1500 audience members and countless radio listeners - a success!
  3. Saw over 15 comedians at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival
  4. Made Rice-Almond Milk twice 
  5. Made Peanut Butter for a cutie bestie
  6. Worked my normal 2 day a week job
  7. Re-arranged the lounge room
  8. Built TWO IKEA sets of drawers for the boy's room
  9. Built an IKEA table & chairs for little boy to draw
  10. Built an IKEA chair for the lounge room
  11. Changed the lightbulb in the lounge room
  12. Took the boy to play with his friends on a rainy day play centre
  13. Made gold leggings to DIE for (or DIY for - LOL)
  14. Made a gold mini skirt for my friend to wear at the radio event
  15. Got drunk at a party (!)
  16. Had a hangover (first time in over 2 and a half years)
  17. Made date & macadamia nut bliss balls for a dinner party 
  18. Took the boy to playgroup in the Gardens
  19. Took the boy to his 18 month old immunisations (even though he's 19 months - we've been sick; ear infection, sinusitis, chest infection and pneumonia!)
  20. Made gozleme for tea for the first time!
Twenty things, that were significant for me in the past week! Now I'm listening to Future Islands & Hall & Oates and freezing the rest of the gozleme dough for next time. I have one more chair to build... might try and tackle that after the boy is asleep. 

Hope you've been well! 


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