Thursday, 1 May 2014

Little Leftover Boy Jumper

You sew and you make and you sew and you make and you wear and you sometimes wear and you sometimes don't wear. And you don't take any photos. None! And then other times you take a photo of something you made before it gets worn. Rarely!

My boy is wearing this now, but I'll have to update my tshirt template (a cut up tshirt) for him because he's kinda getting too big for this already! Especially the sleeves! His baby arm rolls are still there, little cutie! The fabrics are all knits from the stash, I did start a dress from the mustard fabric, but it's kinda dorky and I might just make it a top ... haven't decided yet. This is the leftover bits for a nice warm jumper!

His face when he realised the pocket was amazing... my friend popped his toy car in there, and he was like "WHAT I CAN CARRY A CAR"! I love how much they're learning about the world at this age... soaking it all up!


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