Sunday, 31 August 2014

Something Big


I haven't posted here for a while, because something big came up. Not a second pregnancy, like some of my friends have suspected. A big move.


Us little old Darlings are currently packing up, putting things in storage, selling stuff and giving stuff away ... and we'll be in China, in one of the largest cities, in less than 2 weeks.


I don't think it'll sink in until I'm there, or on the plane maybe.... ? Husbie's got a great job, and it all seemed like a perfect chance for a big challenge and a big adventure and yep... something big for all of us. Our boy turns 2 next month, and why not take in all these great adventures before you turn two?

So! I'm not 100% sure what I'll be doing yet. . . I know I'll be managing the family and helping and supporting us settle in to Shanghai! I'm still not 100% sure of my blog here, because there's a strong part of me that longs to write more than just sewing projects. So I'll see if I stay here or grow somewhere else. But I do know that there are so many of you I want to keep in touch with... and I'll either read your blogs, look at your facebook or your instagrams and many ways for us to keep in touch!

THANK YOU for being a blog friend, a supporter of DIY fashion and a general awesome person in the world! I really appreciate your comments and your emails and all the fun things about the sewing blogging world here online... it has grown SO much since I started writing here. We've all grown so much I reckon! LIFE, HEY?! xoxo

Talk soon,
Best, Veronica Darling xoxoxo

(P.S. these photos are from a good - and patient - friend's wedding in 2012 and you might see a little baby bump as I'm about 4 months pregs here too - taking test shots for Husbie to get the light right. I've packed up all my computer and these photos were my last collection to send off. It's really happening.)

(P.P.S. I am currently writing this in my sewing room, and you can't really call it a sewing room... there's only one dressmakers model here now ... no fabric, new machines, no iron... a room where lots of things once got made. A Room of One's Own - for sewing in this case - really is important.)

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