Monday, 23 March 2015

Made in China: A Creative Series

Hey! How was the weekend!?

Today, I wanna talk about this blog, and maybe some areas where I’d like to take the blog… AND see what you think!

I’m brimming with blog content ideas, and I’m trying not to bombard you with too many too soon (and at the same time try to set up my blog as having regular posts again)… but one thing I’ve noted after being in Shanghai for a short and quick 6 months: There is just SO much creativity and so much create-ing in this town. In the English speaking world, I am overwhelmed, and I’m only seeing these amazing glimpses in the local and (tricky for me, but maybe one day) Chinese speaking Shanghai art & fashion scene. 

So, as I started to plan my sewing projects and to ‘get back’ my sewjo mojo and body love (to make my own clothes & feel happy!) … I have started to also say ‘YES’ to all things, and because I’m not working my usual radio job here in China … I also have the independence and time. For the first time in my life perhaps… to do whatever I want to do.

And I guess, with publishing & choosing blog post content, what do you think about this? Some sewing makes & pattern reviews, & fabric market tours  … of course, I am sewing again and want to show my hand made things (because I will need your feedback on fit issues, and perhaps colour & fabric choices. I have lots of worries now that I’m outside of my vintage/second hand fabric & pattern comfort zone! I’ll show you what I’m talking about soon!) … (back on track! Train of thought is so busy!) So, I’d like to see if YOU’d like to see some of the things in the art/fashion/creative world here in Shanghai? 

Some of the things will be fashion (my first post will be all my photos from a Collection Launch from an established artist - a painter - and a Chinese fashion designer collaboration that I was invited to last week) and maybe design and maybe ethical & local fashion designers… or maybe ethical & sustainable fabrics from China (my big puzzle at the moment and how I’d like to be sewing eventually… as I create my slow fashion world) … 

Obviously, I’m getting more and more excited by being a sewing blogger again… but just wanted to check in with you… 

Have you been reading my blog for a long or short while? What are your favourite blog posts from me? 

Are there sewing bloggers you love, and I don’t read? Please share!

What is the best thing about reading straight up sewing blogs? What's missing from the sewing blog world?

You totally can tell me anything, or nothing, I do love hearing from you… if you’re not into comments, please email veronicadarling @ gmail . com … remove the spaces (if there’s still spammers or whatevers) … as some of you lovely readers have over the years! 

At the moment, I’m just so happy thinking and sewing and writing and instagramming and I want to pique your interest from time to time… I’ve been blogging for a LONG time now, so it seems. So nothing too crazy will happen and anything I do here on the blog, you’ll hear about it long before it does happen. Like eventually I will set up my instead of the blogspot address. Because I did get that registered in 2011. 

*breathing deeply* Because now I have time to do some things just for me again.

After a little drunken chit chat here and there at the fashion launch, I thought about how oftentimes in the western world we think of things that are "Made in China" as being low quality or not as good as local made products (wherever you are in the world, we love locally made stuff, right?) and so I was thinking... we are in China now... there has GOT to be some wonderful & unique things that are 'Made in China'... I will be looking more about fashion, DIY, art, culture and design more than iPhones... and try to get off stereotypes! And so...

My first "Made in China" blog post is accompanied by photos here that are taken on my camera, by a then 4 (almost 5 year old) called Freyja! We’ve met her family here in Shanghai, through friends in Sydney, as they just moved a month or so before us. Freyja’s mum is Olivia Martin-Mcguire, a photographer, and my new Shanghai friend and blogs here.

(photos by Freyja in Shanghai, Aged 4)

*** just a quick note, now I'm about to publish, I'm a bit nervous 'deciding' things for the blog now that I've written all the above. I know you won't mind, and I know it's just me being silly. I keep thinking 'What Do I Know?' I'm just some dickhead who is fine about posting gawky photos of herself, but writing real heart felt passion blogpots, makes me itchy & self aware. ***

(And then you know what, I am passionate about stuff like this, so I can do whatever, right?!)

Love to you and have a great week!!!

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