Friday, 6 March 2015

Scenes from Shanghai: The Future Thing!

Here's the beginning of my blog series, 'Scenes from Shanghai'! Each week, I'll show you some interesting and weird locations, because this city has everything and oftentimes I'm wandering around just with my mouth open! Going 'WTF' a lot but 'Wow, awesome' so much that Felix is saying WOW and AWESOME a lot now too. I thought while I'm getting to know Shanghai's fabric haunts, I'll show you a little scenery and you can settle in. 

I changed my banner last week (and updated it on Twitter too - looks great on the mobile app!) and will be poking around the html again of the blog, because why not. I thought you might like to see the big bauble in it's setting... big baubles are quite popular in Shanghai, there's a big blue one (that changes colour at night of course) near our place and there's several along the waterfront in Shanghai... it's called the Huangu Pu River (or maybe Pu means river) and it's pretty wide and long, so there's lots of buildings everywhere and the futuristic side of the river is called Pudong (The East of the River)... it was not there in the 1980s. It was not even there in the 1990s, it was getting built... EEP. I'm not the best with the history of Shanghai, because, hey! I just got here. I know some of you have visited before, so feel free to share any info you can recall! 

I just googled to check and lucky I did... the Pink Bauble is in fact: The Oriental Pearl TV Tower. I googled the Scientific Building because there's one over there, but no, this is the TV Tower. 

I love it. 

I have no idea of it's purpose or what bits are the TV bits, but I get a surprise when I see it (sometimes you just walk around the corner and then you see it, peeping out and glistening in the afternoon sun!) occasionally... and when I first saw the whole of Pudong area lit up at night I was giddy. GIDDY. Because it looks so amazing. Husbie calls it Bladerunner City... because it could just be!

My aim for these posts though, will be mostly visual... and if you're keen to know more about Shanghai or anything in particular with the city, I'm sure I can fill you in! Sorry about the 'crunch' of these photos, I have no idea what I did but they turned out like that (my old camera was great for a short while, but then crashed and burned recently) and I don't have the time to fiddle around... you get the idea I'm sure!

This city is BOLD!


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