Saturday, 14 March 2015

Scenes from Shanghai: The Old

It's the weekend now, and we're up early to go swimming. We joined a 'Health Club' which could be just a gym I guess, but Shanghai has a lot of clubs and clubhouses, and we don't want to go against the grain. SEWING TERM.

Last week, I showed you some of the modern parts of Shanghai, the Pudong Skyline being the most futuristic. Today here are some of my old Shanghai photos, showing the Yu Garden and Qibao (with young girls dressed up in tradition dress - there were dress up shops in Qibao, where you can go and hire costumes, get your hair & makeup done, and have your photo taken) which are some of the older areas of Shanghai. There are some beautiful buildings throughout Shanghai, but some are replicas and just look old... so without a tour guide and not reading any Chinese, I kinda assume these parts are actually old.

Looking on Wikipedia Qibao formed around 900s and Yu Garden is a bit more new made around the 1500s. ARGH everything is so old in China! My house in Australia was built around 1930s and that's when Shanghai was in full swing!

Anyways, hope you've had a great week! I just saw on the social meeds that it was Selfish Sewing Week and I didn't make anything but pom poms for a new baby (I just posted on instagram!) and posted the little bag for my three year old friend. So that doesn't sound very selfish! I DID however, start my first Sewing School Class... and I'll tell you all about that soon! It was so good!!!!!!


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