Saturday, 21 March 2015

Scenes from Shanghai: When We Arrived

We arrived in Shanghai in mid September last year, when all the trees still had their leaves and created this umbrella canopy for us to walk the streets without the sun glare... as it was still very hot. A few days were hot and steamy with a bit of rain.

These freaking trees made me so happy. I had thought and tried to prepare myself that Shanghai was a busy concrete jungle... so I was taking so many photos of the trees when we walked around. WOW! Through the Former French Concession part (and even extending to many other parts of Shanghai) you'll see these trees. I *love* them. Sometimes it feels like a street in Europe, or a quite countryside town instead of a gigantic metropolis. Really.

I had to show you my boy Felix's first taste of the excited Chinese tourists as well... most Shanghai Locals are used to westerners, but we spent Golden Week in town so lots of Chinese tourists were holidaying here too. And he just got so much attention with his super white skin and blonde locks.

'Scenes from Shanghai' will be my weekly blog post about our new home, and I'm loving your notes & comments, so thank you! Any places you wanna see, or any kinda parts of Chinese life, let me know. I have taken SO MANY photos in the last 6 months, as you can imagine, so I'll group together some for you over the next few months.

Have you been to China? Or planning a trip?

I had never been to China before moving here. I am still quite taken aback that this time last year, we were just living our lives in West Footscray without any idea we'd be here now. Every day we're here, I say to myself 'LIVIN'. It's so hard sometimes, but we're really living our lives.

EEP *gulp* WOW.

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