Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Voila: A Boy's Bag

I made a bag, and it's made of vintage tea towels. Tea towels from the old lovely op shops of my past.

My idea was to bring a few tea towels to Shanghai so I could piece them together in a lovely way for cushion covers for our couch. I still have them cut up, but I just couldn't figure out the 'lovely way' for them to be sewn up. There was a gorgeous market stall at the Rose Street Market in Fitzroy that made lots of things from vintage tea towels, so I've always wanted to try it. I'm just a patchwork type sewing person.

BUT, I gave it a go with the scraps, and made the kangaroo the focus/beginning of whatever this is called. A spiral of scraps, into a patchwork? I'm not sure, I googled scraps and patchwork till the internet broke, and I just settled on whatever I found, and I've since lost the page. (The internet breaks a LOT in China!) You sew onto stiffer backing fabric, the kangaroo bit, then you sew the first scrap (right sides together), then press with the iron, then sew the next scrap, then press. until you kind of get a spiral... It'll work a lot better with a bigger piece ... so maybe they'll make good cushion covers this way. I'm not sure.

We gave it to a little boy we've met here in Shanghai, for his birthday, he's 3! Children seem to like bags!


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