Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Voila: Playful Pom Poms

This week, a little boy was born in Shanghai and his parents are new friends of ours. So I made some pom poms to decorate his room. And to play with later.

In Shanghai, there are quite a few knitting haberdasheries in certain areas. There's a shop near my house, but there are several around the Tianzifang area (more on that another time) as well. But I bought this wool from the nearby shop, and had to muddle my way around what I wanted to make and buy because the two lovely shopkeepers didn't speak English so I spoke my basic Chinese and used my translator app for the words I forgot or couldn't say. Luckily they had pom poms in the shop so I could point a lot. 

As you can imagine these were quite straightforward to make, but using the pom pom plastic thingie mum bought me from the shops was MUCH harder. I had to go the old fashioned traditional pom pom way and use 2 pieces of cardboard shaped like a 'C' (have a look at the Mindful Mumma's Post for more) to make it thicker. Sorry mum! They look good and fun!

I've been thinking a lot about my blog design and feel very stuck with where to go with it next.

For ages, I've just used the simple template in blogger and tweaked a bit of code, and added widgets etc. But now I'm kinda of tired of doing it myself! I'm about to transfer to too - VERY exciting since I've had the domain for ages! I feel like the move to Shanghai has prompted me to think of a lot of things... writing, blogging & photography again. Online design is just so TRICKY. But I wonder...

Do you have any tips for transferring over to your own domain? What about making up a new fresh template for your blog?

Let me know your experiences with it!


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