Monday, 9 March 2015

Wearing: An Urban Turban

This was our first winter in China, so we didn't know what to expect. Shanghai can have snow, maybe just once or twice during the cold season, but looks like we had a few hail or sleet type days but nothing substantial... as it was a warm winter for Shanghai locals! I was FREEZING. It was so different to Melbourne winter, and we needed proper winter coats and thermals as well!

I needed a quick and warm headwear option for Shanghai, and especially one that I didn't need to spend money on... ever the Bargain Betty. And also a fitted one so I didn't lose it riding around town! And while I have knitting needles with me, winter came a little too quickly to knit a turban up (there are so many gorgeous knitting patterns for turbans online) ... so I tried my black headscarf (I usually use it for my pincurl sets) after following a few tutorials online. The red one was a cheapie woolly one from a market and enormous in size!

AND, for my own info, I had to research a bit about cultural appropriation of these urban turbans because I did not want to wear a tied up head wrap or head scarf with it being insensitive to any cultures, and especially to the people of China. And that link is a great piece on appropriation compared to appreciation. So far, I've been give the thumbs up by the people I meet in Shanghai, for my urban turban... lots of people telling me 'very good' and 'big!'.

When I was looking around for ways to secure the old urban turban on my head, I found some GORGEOUS women sharing their ideas, in these tutorials, with several styles and easy explanations:

Fiona at Love Your Tresses -


Nadira and her video:

And these blog photos above are my 'Is My Scarf Secure?' Selfies from around Shanghai.


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