Sunday, 12 April 2015

Scenes from Shanghai: Blue Colours

Happy Weekend! I hope you're enjoying some sewing or outside time... my friends in Melbourne, I hope you're seeing some comedy at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival because I am usually there every night ... but now... I live in Shanghai. I will have to find the local stand up scene. Hit me up if you're stuck for who to see at MICF though.

Today I thought I'd just bring you a lot of colour from Shanghai. Through winter there was a lot of grey skies, grey buildings and concrete around... but because we're in Asia, there is always some vibrant colour poking out wishing to be photographed. I started to bring a colourful post together, but seeing all my photos, I'm going to roll through some colour palates of Shanghai to make it less photo heavy... I take a *lot* of photos here in Shanghai! So today, some blue xoxo and with some wonderful floral fabrics & patterns around!

In case you missed it, we've moved (I might stop updating you soon, I keep getting surprised by the amount of new folk who are dropping by or old friends reading again! HI to all!) to Shanghai in China, from Melbourne, and you can read about last year here!

Talk soon, I'm excited to bring my Sophia dress for you tomorrow! YAY!

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