Friday, 3 April 2015

Scenes from Shanghai: Winter

Last time for my 'Scenes from Shanghai' series, I posted a bit about our time when we arrived in Shanghai, and this week, I thought I'd show you our wintertime.

In case you're surprised to see me, sewing again, blogging again, HELLO! I've moved to Shanghai for my Husbie's work in the film & tv industry... he's a post film production colourist, and working on all sorts over here while my baby boy and I settle into Shanghai life. Everyone is EXTREMELY friendly toward us... there are parts of town where you'll see lots of foreigners and expats like us (I'm still unsure if I'm technically an expat ... considering we're not on an extravagant package here, with luxurious accomm, a driver or holiday cash flow) but where we live in a straightforward Chinese apartment building, and luckily our two receptionist/building management types speak English.

Felix (my 2 year old) and I spend a lot of time meeting new people at parks, or down the street and we practice our Chinese. Through winter time here, we did go back to Australia a couple of times, so I didn't feel like it was an awfully long winter or anything like that. Apparently it was quite mild, but there were a few very low temperatures just hail and no snow.

It was just so weird wearing the same jacket everyday, and all day, because Melbourne isn't as freezing cold for the full season... it changes so much. But Shanghai was extremely predictable, every day below 10 degrees (50 degrees Fahrenheit) but I just wore the same Uniqlo jacket the whole time. I did get a jacket tailor-made from the markets, I'll tell you about soon, but it wasn't as 'everyday' and warm.

My other Scenes from Shanghai are here, and they're full of photos too. I kinda don't know when too many photos in a blog post is way too much... I think these days we're not so stressy about download data on mobiles... ? Or are we? Please let me know if these are way too much, and I'll put a cap on!

Happy Friday, Good Friday or not! Easter doesn't seem to happen here outside of the expat community, so having a little break this year from all the drinking eating.


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