Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Scenes from Shanghai: Yellow Colours

My last Scenes from Shanghai post was about the red colours, and it seems apt to keep my People's Colours going, and showcase yellow (as the nation's flag is red and yellow!) because there are great yellows around town and even more if you're a two year old who can spot the bright colours!

You can probably gather by now that I'm taking a LOT of photographs of our time here, and talking to a few people recently about our time here, I have started to really think that what I create here (through the blog and sewing) will be just such a brilliant archive and a storybook of our lives. I forget that I've done this here, and I forget that I've blogged for so long without really see that in 20 years I can (hopefully) look back on all this ... I forget that this is a web-log. This whole internet thing just comes so naturally to everyone these days, it's such an extension of our lives.

Anyways, hope you enjoy a brightness from this collection of photies this week... I'm certainly dwelling on the compassion of so many in our world, and the lack of it in particular countries and groups of people. I'll also be sending some donations toward the people of Nepal. Oh! Wishing you all well and hug your loved ones tight. xoxo

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