Friday, 1 May 2015

MMM: Some Wardrobe Thoughts & Reflections

This will be my first MMM AKA Me Made May. WHAT! I've been reading Zo's blog So Zo, What Do You Know? since blogs first began (almost) and have done Self Stitched September before and up until Baby Darling was born probably wore more handmade, vintage, op shopped gear than you can poke a dusty thrifty finger at. If you're in the sewing & diy fashion world, you'd probbo heard of the month of May being a 'Wear What You Make' kinda month. And I do like the 'show us ya stuff' kinda blogging/social media element to it, so will join in this year. (My 'Joining In' Vibe in full swing)

But yes, I ran out of steam while pregnant back in 2012, and while I made a few things... I just felt super focused on growing a human child, as you do. And then after our boy arrived, well... that was another thing, my mind was on everything but wearing and making my own clothes. For me, I definitely changed my way of dressing during this time... what was practical and what wasn't and as I have mentioned in previous blogposts... I just went for buying what I needed, ready to wear or op shopped when I had time to get it. I shopped online for the first time for clothing, mostly for maternity bras (!) and just decided not to be too hard on myself (as the new motherhood thing can be hard enough).

So this year...

'I, Veronica of my Veronica Darling Internet Blog, am signing up as a participant of Me-Made-May '15. I endeavour to wear as many handmade Veronica Darling garments as possible each day for the duration of May 2015, and if I'm stuck I'll wear thrifted stuff'

As you know, we've moved to Shanghai and I did bring a few handmade things with me... I'm sure you'll see them on my instagram in the coming weeks, but as the weather has shifted a lot here in the last week, some things might not get worn... my leggings might be way too warm now, even though I wore them last week ok. It was just so hot and lovely today, so had to wear this flowy summery dress.

And also, some of my handmade wardrobe is kinda fancy. I can't really imagine wearing the knockout Sophia Dress I made down at the park with my 2 year old... so perhaps I have some wardrobe gaps for the day type gear.

So.... I *might* have a MMM dilemma with not enough weather appropriate attire, or if I get some sewing time in, I might have some new skirts that will beat the heat. I'll also have a few new things to show you through the month as well, because ... yup I have officially got the sewing addiction bug again, and what a relief. I do feel SO comfortable wearing clothes I've made, and love that I have my sewjo again, or whatever you call it.

What about you? Do you make enough clothes to wear for a whole month? Or will you change your pledge to be a little more adaptable? I'm ALL for making pledges or challenges suit yourself, make challenges *your* challenge... that kind of thing. Don't be too hard on yourself if you cut a corner, or miss a day.

Love to you, and have a lovely weekend for the maybe long weekend? (it's our holiday here today, in China, a labour day... and I've heard that this year, if you're under 28 years old, on Monday you can even take a half day for Youth Day in China. How cute!)


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