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Voila: A Deer and Doe Plantain

Plantain Veronica Darling

Last week, I posted my Holly Palazzo Pants and I'm wearing a Deer & Doe Plantain tshirt... yes... a tshirt pattern that is NOT a Built by Wendy one. Back in the day (2009-2011) I started sewing stretch fabric like the world would end and we needed supplies... it was so easy and fun and once I got the overlocker all was well... the Sew U Stretch Built by Wendy was my main inspiration and I used those patterns as blocks and created my own versions for dresses mostly for me and all my friends.

Lately, of course, I am in Shanghai without my usual supplies (no BBW books!)... but I actually think that's a good thing, because now I can try other patterns instead of the same ones... AND test what works for my current body shape... instead of attempting something that suited me 5 years ago. I have seen oodles of Plantain patterns made up, so considering it's a free pattern, it's a quick & cheap one to try. But it's not a cheaply put together pattern in my opinion!

Plantain Veronica Darling

The pattern is pdf, and as we don't have a printer at home, I waited a while for Husbie to grab it for me and it was a quick one to put together... but I think the work printer drags on one side as it was just out by 2 or 3 mm. So annoying! I'll have to find a place in Shanghai that prints, but maybe can print the full A1 or A2 or whatever as well. Other than that, I traced it to balance out the print and it's probably the best pattern in the world for knit tshirts... especially for the larger bust size as that scoopy neck is quite flattering.

This is my second version, because like Elena at Randomly Happy, I don't think you can stop at just one... I had a bunch of knit fabric to test out and I've made (at the time of writing) 4 versions already - one for my Housekeeper even, I'll show you soon! So this black knit is light, feels rough though and I think my knit guy said 'LINEN' but who knows... it's definitely stretch, and definitely slightly see through in parts. The fabric reminds me of a H&M top I got in LA which was lovely to wear, and that's why I kinda cut it differently along the hem... it's about a hand size shorter. My hand size!

Plantain Veronica Darling
Plantain Veronica Darling

The pattern is completely easy to follow, and a little similar to the Built by Wendy stretch way, but you sew both shoulder seams and then sew the neck binding together and attach... the sleeves are sewn in the flat, which I like the best anyways, and then the side seams all together. It's a great way to sew tshirts!

My changes for this version were to shorten the bodice, I folded the pattern pieces to shorten by about 5 inches, making the front piece a little shorter... and I also scooped the sleeve by about an inch... I did that in the pattern cutting as that's how I used to get a mock cap sleeve (or maybe it is a cap sleeve? I have no idea) when I did my Built by Wendy dresses. Back in the day, mate, back in the day.

So yeh, the top is completely casual, and I like the shape overall. It'll be great with my short shorts and I quite like it with the Holly Trousers. This fabric makes it floppier and MORE casual than the other versions I've made, but it is so comfy to wear. It *is* a little booby, which I don't mind... but if you're going for a looser fit, remember that with the scoopy neckline and I'll remember not to bend over in public.

Plantain Veronica Darling

Hope you're having a great week so far! I'm trying to toss up which dress pattern I'll sew up next, I'd like to try Sophia By Hand London - the full skirt version - but also I have the Kim By Hand London to try as well. It's raining so much this week in Shanghai - but super humid - so it's hard to feel like wearing fitted dresses. I'd really love something floppy... maybe a wrap dress? I like this Maria Denmark one!

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