Monday, 15 June 2015

Wearing: Shanghai Springtime Cycling Chic

Back, in April, I joined Jorth's #30DaysofCycleChic for the days I rode my bike through Shanghai, our new home! Initially I wanted to document a little moment of my life on the streets (as I love the streetscapes and all the places we end up) but also show that bike riding isn't just about lycra... and as I went along, I of course realised that everyone in Shanghai rides bikes and scooters and no one wears lycra! So my intentions were then to see what I was wearing through springtime in Shanghai and then my parents came and then it was MMM and taking photos all the time of your outfit can get tiring. I don't know how those Outfit Of The Day people/fashion queens do it.

However, here is my life in the Shanghai springtime, lots of photos, and lots of handmade starting to creep in... so I'm happy. 

So there were 30 days of cycle chic, but not 30 photographs... Husbie took a few of these, mostly the ones I'm cracking up because he's a tease.. And you can see the variety of the weather!!!

We don't have a car, or driver (!) or scooter here in Shanghai, so we ride most days. We can take Uber (I've just figured that one out in the last month) or taxi's if the weather is bad, and also there are a few subway stations, but they're not super close to us. They are cheap though... usually 3-4 kuai to ride, so less than 50 cents a trip. But pedal power is always free!

Now I've got these photos of myself, my next goal is to collect up the best styles to ride in... that's why I've been sewing thicker hems on some dresses and skirts to see what is nice. It's NOT nice to have a light skirt fly up in your face when you're pedalling around town!

Do you ride? What's your best normal everyday outfit for riding? 

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