Friday, 3 July 2015

Voila: Some Deer and Doe Plantain Dresses

deer and doe plantain dress

Happy Friday, if it's Friday where you are! Before I get ahead of myself (as I've been making HEAPS this week), here are some of my plantain dresses, that free pattern by the Deer & Doe peeps! I've also just discovered their flickr group too, so might join in there. Continuing in on my 'joining in' vibe!

The first blue one above is pretty much the plantain bodice but curved down under the bewbs to the side seams (I honestly measured my hand width from thumb to pinkie stretched out on the middle/on the fold piece... and then traced a new line to the side seam)... thought you'd like to see some inside photos too:

deer and doe plantain dressdeer and doe plantain dress deer and doe plantain dress

Nice overlocking and neckline I reckon! The fabric is *almost* a ribbed knit and I bought it at my local fabric store but I wouldn't shop there again for stretch fabric... there were only 5 knits to choose from! I wanted a few fabrics to quickly try some tshirt patterns, one was my made up (draw around singlet and add sleeves) version and then this one... and I thought a few dresses would be nice for summer. But now I've worn the dress a few times in the hotter humid days, it's not that comfortable. Hot and sticky.

But I really like the shape and I'm thinking of making some more in lighter fabrics... Oh just remembered I have some light floppy black and white gingham that might TOTALLY suit this shape. And I'm hoping to send a million to my bestie in Berlin! The only trap with this fabric (and maybe all knits if I don't use elastic...?) is that bobbly look at the high waist seam... the top bodice stretches out a little as I attached the gathered skirt pieces... maybe the skirt is to heavy, to wide, to full for the bodice? And then yes, maybe the fabric stretches a bit to accommodate it... any thoughts?

deer and doe plantain dress

What a sweet little child and a LOVELY bulldozer. There are always random bulldozers and building machinary around in Shanghai, such progress and construction going on! A little child's dream come true!

So, just a warning (now I'm posting LARGE photos) don't scroll too quickly down! ARGH it's so bright! Here's another Plantain dress for my Housekeeper! She brought me this fabric asking for a dress like my Spring for Cotton one - she says it's beautiful! Thank you Ayi! But the fabric she had was stretch NEON NEON NEON and not cotton like my dress... so I used the plantain pattern and the sleeves I slashed and spread-ed for that cotton dress.

deer and doe plantain dress deer and doe plantain dress deer and doe plantain dress

WOOHOO bright! I have no idea if she likes this, sometimes when I give her things she hides them away quickly... I don't think it's polite to open gifts in front of people in China, but I like the feedback. I'm pretty sure she'll fit into it ok... anyways, she hasn't worn it yet while visiting our house, maybe she will while riding her electric scooter?! She has taken a huge interest in sewing lately, and tells me her friend gave her a Japanese sewing machine that I may need to help her with! We'll see! This blog might turn into 'Teaching Ayi How to Sew'!

As you can imagine if you've tried this Plantain pattern, it's SO easy and quick to make up and there's just so many possibilities for fabric & style... I've got some new tracing paper too, so it really is a lot of fun just measuring and tracing! I won't post all the plantains I've made but maybe just once in a while. Now I'm super happy with this pattern, I have to choose which Deer & Doe pattern I like the best... save one to the wish list. For when I have money!

Pattern: Deer and Doe's Plantain
Fabric: Blue Stretch from my local fabric store on Xinhua Lu and the Neon from my Housekeeper/Ayi.
Size: Um, can't remember, I'll report back!  
While Sewing: Changed the bodice length and just added two rectangles for the gathered skirt. I think I looked at the Colette Pattern Moneta Sewalong, but decided it wasn't the same.  
Will I Wear It? Yes but it might retire til autumn time! We'll see how hot it gets in Shanghai!

xoxo Have a lovely weekend! And do tell me if these LARGER photos are not working on your computer/tablet/phone... they look OK on my devices, but just wanna check... thanks for the feedback! Happy sewing xoxo

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