Monday, 24 August 2015

Giveaway! My Birthday & 1000 Blog & Instagram Posts

Hi! I’m excited for it’s my BIRTHDAY today! YAY!

AND, I have planned a very sweet and small giveaway for you! I’ve just recently posted 1000 blog posts AND coincidentally 1000 Instagram photos, so I thought it’s time for a little celebration and to help out I called on a very old blogging and sewing friend… Meg!

You know Meg, I'm sure, from Megan Nielson Sewing Patterns! Her Briar Sweater & Tshirt Pattern is probably one of the most sewn & blogged tshirts I've seen online and this year she has not only rebranded a bunch of her sewing patterns, they’re still available as hardcopy too! YAY! Meg has also launched a smart phone APP to help you keep track of your sewing patterns of the digital kind… but she’s also started working on some children’s sewing patterns as well. What a busy amazing woman!

Meg was one of my first sewing friends in the online sewing blogging community, and she has always had a strong sense of design and her own fashion & style. It’s so amazing seeing someone like her grow and I’m just so happy to read all her ideas and big picture things on her blog… she’s definitely a ‘reach for the stars’ type person!

So, I thought a lovely little sewing GIVEAWAY would be nice and I want to say a big THANK YOU to Meg, who has kindly shared her patterns for my giveaway … and because I’m a small personal kind of sewing blogger, I wanted to share a couple of things with you and make it specific to you … but as it’s my birthday, I’ll need some sewing presents too… so on Friday I visited my favourite Fabric Market in Shanghai to get some ideas...


AND so for my very special "Veronica Darling’s Birthday Giveaway" today, you will WIN three things:

1. A SEWING PATTERN! From Megan Nielson! Choose a pattern from Megan Nielson’s pattern collection for yourself AND for me! It’s my birthday, so you’re sharing your pattern prize with me!

2. BUTTONS? ELASTIC? Tell me what you’d like from the Haberdashery Corner at the Dongmen Lu Fabric Market in Shanghai and I’ll pop along soon and pick up somethings for you and I!

3. FABRIC? Tell me a few fabric options and I’ll find some interesting lightweight cotton blend (maybe 2-3 metres worth) fabric at the Dongmen Lu Fabric Market in Shanghai for you. (and for me!)

Again, here's the Haberdashery Corner for you to see all the potential notions and goodies! And some of my recent fabric purchases!

Untitled Untitled Untitled

"But Veronica Darling?" I hear you say, "What Do I Have to Do to Win?"

WELL, What you need to do to win this stuff is:

Follow me on Instagram or Twitter and Facebook or Pinterest (@veronicadarling) (whatever social media you use, I don’t mind!) and leave a comment here letting me know that you’re following (like a legend) by Monday 31st August and I’ll be checking & drawing the winner on Tuesday 1st September and post it here that following Wednesday! That's IT

If you have any trouble leaving a comment (you’re on your mobile, or you’re having disqus problems), you can email me your note but I’ll need to get in touch with you somehow, so be sure that your email is clear somewhere! YAY! I’ll use the random number generator online, and number 1 will be the first comment/entry and so on. When I contact you, that’s when you can share with me what notions & fabric you’d like from Shanghai, AND tell me what sewing patterns from Meg’s collection you’re choosing! WOO! I want to make clear guidelines here because then it’s a fair giveaway, right?!

As this giveaway is through a personal blog, I’d like to add that Meg is kindly donating two of her patterns to my Birthday giveaway and I thank her SO very much, and I’ll fund the Shanghai Fabric Market tour loot myself. I'm going to be choosing lightweight fabric and notions, and while I want your suggestions with the prize, I'll be selecting items from the store myself and factoring in what's affordable and what will still be lightweight to parcel up. All prizes will be sent out in good humanely fashion (i.e., I live in China, so please fingers crossed it won’t take too long) and good luck to you! YAY!

Is that it? YAY time for dumplings/cake and bubbles for my birthday!

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