Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Happy Birthday Little Darling

My little baby is 3 years old today! Here he is as he was in 2012! SO squishy! I'd made a wrap skirt that I wore only a few times and felt didn't suit me, but these photos show that it wasn't too bad. I just don't think I got into this 1970s style while I was maternity leave, like I thought I would! But this is a birthday blog post today! For Happy Birthday Darling Boy!

When I was going through my blog post drafts a few months ago (a blog tidy up) I found these photos of little Baby Darling in his vintage pram that I never published. He was maybe 2 months old... he always looked big after 1 month, so I can't really remember! I'd had a few vintage baby suits for him that I'd collected up from the op shops of Queensland's Redcliffe and he just grew so fast, I think this was the only one that fitted him for a bit. But while I love the vintage suits they're just not very practical for modern parents and babies... buttons! Even zippers were annoying for me. But it's so weird to think all that regular baby dressing (several times a day!) and all the baby stuff is such a short time of our lives with Felix. We found the vintage pram on ebay, and had some fun pushing him around town while we waited for the modern one to arrive.

These days, he definitely knows he's not a baby anymore, but he's not too sure on being a big boy!

Three years old definitely feels like a huge shift in him - yesterday when I told him it was his last day of being 2, he started to talk clearly and continually all through the day... his sentences getting stronger and more exact after every word... like he was talking himself into being a little older... maybe becoming that big boy. Three years of this gorgeous human!

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