Thursday, 10 September 2015

Scenes from Shanghai: One Year Here

Well, today is our one year anniversary of being in Shanghai!

I am absolutely shocked with how fast the days and weeks fly by here. I know that naturally time speeds up as we grow, or it feels like for me. Some times with motherhood, I feel the time really slows down again though... some days last forever. I feel very lucky that we've had the space to learn about our new lives here in this city... and in turn I've had so many funny days with Felix. He'll be three years old next week!

For me, there's so much to say about living here... personally I feel challenged without my regular day job in radio (14 years long & fun career)... I have felt in flux; inbetween times. I do think about the Cure a bit with the Inbetween Days phrase... I'm often just floating around trying to find who I am and what I do (outside of the parenthood thing)... I like it but it feels very unlike me. Of course, having my blog, my writing and sewing has kept my even keel and that balance in my life has now helped me find other people, other projects and hopefully a lot more events in this city ... I love connecting with people to hear about their world. Last year, I wasn't sure if I'd be interested in sewing as much, or blogging, but I feel passionate still about both and proud to put this 37 year old face and body on the Internets... and contribute my thing, my world... for I do think our western and mainstream global media has a lot missing... and places like China is seen as mysterious and foreign. I am the foreigner, while living here, and I love learning a new culture and a new perspective on things.

When a new business opens in Shanghai there are these amazing flower arrangements out on the street... dozens of them all around the opening doors... and I feel this week (as I've ordered Veronica Darling business cards and will head to my first market stall on Saturday) like I've opened for business! Happy new beginnings! One Year Here!

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