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Shanghai Fabric Market Tour #4


Time for another tour of Shanghai's Fabric Markets! As you can probably tell, Shanghai has LOTS of markets, for all kinds of things! While home sewing and DIY culture hasn't really taken off in China as much as the western world, sewing unique pieces of clothing is very popular and this market is the second offshoot/location of the famous 'South Bund Fabric Market' ... as far as I can tell... and more modern and brightly lit as you'll see!

So let's go have a look at the outside first, helps when you know what you're looking for when you see a gigantic sewing machine statue!

”Fabric ”Fabric

This market is on the southside of the large Lujiabang Lu and covers the entire block opposite the original 399 Lujiabang Lu Fabric Market that you can read about here and confirm the original address here... but I'm yet to buy fabric from there yet... I did get my cashmere purple jacket made there last year but for fabric shopping or fabric browsing, I find it dark and busy (with tourists) but I will get there to photograph a tour there for you one day!

But if you have a look southside, you'll find this quiet & well lit fabric market and it's a good introduction to seeing what's on offer. Usually the same businesses have shop fronts here, across the road and at Dongmen Lu (my favourite fabric market in Shanghai), so there are some similarities in fabrics & garments - if you're looking to get tailormade clothing!


So, you can see all the tailor made clothing first, and vendors will try their English but it's not pushy here. It's a quiet space for you to look around, and take it all in. I find that I need some quiet to have a poke around first in places, and it's tricky if everyone is after your attention. Of course, if you're looking for something made, I'm pretty sure the sewing people here are pretty good... however I would suggest knowing exactly what you want and checking out other things they've made to see the overall quality.

There is fabric for sale though and it's not too pricey, mostly the same as the other markets... you can ask 'EE MEE?' for 'one metre' and they'll give you a price and you can haggle a bit I'm sure. I've bought fabric here - can't remember what kind now - and I've had some stretchy dresses made - a few months ago - when I was deciding whether to start selling some self designed dressed. And the quality was good, both in workmanship and fabric!

I do really like this strange plasticy fabric shop! I've been thinking of getting my bike apron made up here to see what it could look like as well! In case I can sell some at the markets here. Do you remember that neon blur I made in 2011? Never not thinking of projects!

And see the funny photos below! I told you it was quiet here! However people nap in Shanghai anytime of day whether it's quiet or noisy! So there's also a few shops with embellishments and haberdashery, not as many to choose as the Embellishment Market on Renmin Lu but still things to look at.

So there you have it! Another Fabric Market, but probably the cleanest and brightest one in Shanghai for fabric browsing or choosing tailor made clothes!

I've been looking for the address, and found it's 378 Lujiabang Rd, Huangpu, Shanghai, China - the SOUTH side of the overpass. It's close to the Nanpu Bridge Metro, and of course look for that giant sewing machine statue. But the only Chinese address I can find is the northside market of:

399 Lujiabang Lu,

near Nancang Jie

南外滩轻纺面料市场, 陆家浜路399号, 近南仓街

Have a great week, maybe dreaming of Shanghai!?

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing about this market,they do have some really good and amazing stuff.I have always loved reading about such markets.


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