Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Voila: Pattern Testing Lilith & Eve LE201

My first sewn up thing to show you this year! And very unlike me, it’s a top... that’s woven! It’s also not my best effort but oh well, it’s wearable!

I saw online that Lilith & Eve needed pattern testers for their second pattern, released last month, and thought I’d volunteer… mainly because it’s a woven top, and I wanted to sew something like this for something different. I always sew stretch fabrics when I wear tops and t-shirts, I'm so boring! The Lilith & Eve patterns are pretty new, I don’t know much about them, but I like the idea that they offer two versions (a Lilith and an Eve one) of their patterns and had some time in November so volunteered to sew their second release LE201, a long maxi dress or a casual top, both with the raglan sleeve/neckline.

The positives for this top is all the Lilith & Eve design, it’s cute and relaxed. The pattern is really clear, and I didn’t have any major concerns with the pattern pieces, or the instructions. (The girls had sent me a paper pattern version, it’s lovely and large packaging, A4)

BUT, you’ll see it’s different than Eve’s version because I choose ridiculous cotton silk and anything with a curve was stretched out in the wrong way because of my cutting. The top version has a loose peplum (a petal skirt) and should be lovely instead of wonky like my hem. I dove into the project but a little gungho without really checking what I should be doing. The fabric market here is very vague with any silks, and I wanted more cotton so I wouldn’t stuff up but wanted it to be drapey as well… but oh well… next time I’ll definitely cut with one layer (instead of folding it) if I do use this kind of fabric.

Anyways, I like the rest of it, of course I didn’t iron it to wear out though as our iron broke before Christmas! Luckily Santa brought me a new one which hopefully will last a bit longer, hey!?

Notes & Summary:  
Pattern: LE201 by Lilith & Eve
Fabric: Completely unknown silk cotton with a floaty light drape. Purchased from 168 Dongmen Lu, near Zhongshan Dong Er Lu, 东门路168号,近中山东二路  
Size: Size 4  
While Sewing: Complete noob with this fabric, but you gotta try it sometime!  
Will I Wear It? Yes, I like it! I should probably have sewn the buttons on, but who's got the time to sit still over the festive season!?

It was FREEZING as you can see from the face expressions but really wanted to show you something I’ve sewn because I’ve gone a bit crafty lately and not really making any clothes… I have some patterns to print up (as usual with me now) so really wanna get some things for winter and springtime sewn before it’s summer!

Happy first week of January! And thanks so much for all your lovely comments on my last blog post! You’ll start to see some changes on my name here and there.. for did you know Veronica Darling is my sewing superhero nom de plume?!

Talk soon, xoxo

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