Friday, 26 February 2016

Friday's Flowers are Vibrant!

Some flowers for your Friday! Today I had a few spare minutes and instead of preparing my photos of my newly sewn Brumby Skirt, I opted for the colours of my China days right now... healthy happy bunches of roses... I bought all of these for my husband on Valentine's Day, and my son needed some too so I made up three sets and spread them through the house!

Pinks and reds and creamy (or gold) are my favourite Shanghai Springtime colours... I'm getting ready for the warmer weather... cannot wait! I just love the clash of pink and red right now! I REALLY want to sew something up soon for all the vibrancy makes me so happy!<.p>

And I couldn't choose just a couple of photos, I love all of these pics, and considering they're now wilted and gone... I'll be scrolling up and down my blog all weekend!

Happy Friday to you! And hope you're well and getting ready for the seasons change!

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  1. To me the products are brilliant and there seems to be more of good shine and lavishness in them. Would really want to have them with me especially the shoes.


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