Friday, 4 March 2016

Talking: Blogging Workshop & Ads on Blogs

blogging workspace cafe coffee shop

Hey there, if you read my blog in a browser or through bloglovin' you'll see I've added some Google Ad things and an Amazon Ad thing recently just in the side banner bit of my blog. Of course, this has nothing to do with sewing (however I hope they're showing content that relates to sewing or educating ones life), but a little to do with what I'm up to in Shanghai.

This year, I've been elected (lol) Blogging Workshop Guru by the Shanghai Blogging App group, and personally requested by the awesomely gorgeous Michelle at M on the Bund & Glam Bar to run the workshops with them... it's a lovely setting and perfect for afternoon gatherings (Um, and cocktails at night time!). But while I've been blogging (and working in media making & content creation for around 14 years), I haven't really tried affiliated links or ads, and lots of bloggers or potential bloggers are keen to talk about monetizing. Some even begin without a following... and some use it to grow a following. BUT, while in my heart I'm very 'independent' and that's what happens from working at a place like the ABC with strong ethics/values and editorial policies... I'm feeling like there are gaps in my knowledge.

So I'm testing out the things... testing out the ads. But I'm curious about your experience? Are you into them or dislike ads on blogs? I have been happy just writing and sewing and not really into earning money from this blog. Sometimes I think about starting a new blog (oh really, maybe I have done that already?!) that exists entirely about products and ads and monetising just so I can learn more about it... but it's not really me. So a little here and there, to check and to help point people in that direction when they ask.

I really enjoyed Heather's How to Monetize Your Blog post a few years back... and have shared that with people here. I know it's not for everyone, but if you're thinking of starting a blog - especially in Shanghai - what could be the goal posts for you? I like knowing what's out there. If you've had experience with making money from your blog, do share!

Also, the photo above in the cafe features my Beats by Dre Headphones - I won them in my Husband's work lucky Chinese New Year raffle game... but thought I'd link to them here through the Amazon Affiliate Links program and see what that means. Disclaimers are good, right? I like when bloggers let people know what they're linking to in blogs...

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