Friday, 29 April 2016

Voila: Long Silk Scarf for Springtime

Hi! How are you?! I'm sitting in my 'blogging' cafe today, catching up on a bunch of emails and different work projects... for the Internet is broken at my place. SO SAD! The router died and we're all waiting for the next option. Fingers crossed!

I have kept this scarf in my blog drafts section for a little while, and would love your thoughts... it's SUPER long right? Maybe a little too long for people under 5 foot, but I LOVE this floaty silk fabric! I'd sewn it up a little while ago, and haven't decided if it's for me or for a customer... so it's in the Little Studio with my girlfriends right now

The fabric is from my favourite Dongmen Lu Fabric Market, and the last two metres from the roll, so it was cheaper than other fabrics, maybe 100RMB, around 18 dollars? So while not super cheap compared to other scarf fabric, it's so luxurious! I love it!

As usual, it's my loopy scarf pattern... you sew the ends together and then hem the edges, very simple. The underside of the leopard print silk isn't too ugly... but I don't think this style is for everyone. I love loop scarves for looser looks or wrapped up warmer looks. And you'll never loose it while on the scooter! For some reason riding bikes with a scarf flying off has become a fear of mine... strange! Having a forever loopy scarf prevents losing it!

Guess what? Tomorrow, I've been asked by the lovely girls at Craft'd Shanghai to host a sewing workshop... to teach a simple gathered skirt with a zip. So excited to meet the blossoming seamstresses of Shanghai!


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