Veronica Darling before 2015

Hi gorgeous! I am currently (and slowly) updating my blog and this page and the other pages, so for now, here's my blogging & sewing life before this year... 2015 I have returned to both with gusto, so I'll update it all soon. - Thanks for your patience, you big legend! x

Yay! My blog is about sewing and creating things.


I taught myself to sew in my early twenties and after that everything made sense in the world. I make all my own clothes these days and I get involved in loads of challenges and projects to keep motivated.

Mostly I adore vintage material and patterns and style in this modern world. My fave vintage patterns are from 1950s and 1960s. When I first started this blog, I made 100 Outfits over a year to increase my mad sewing skills, and it worked! Totes recommend it. The sewing and crafting community online is AWESOME! Occasionally I get stuck with things, and knowing that I can turn to you guys for advice, or google until I can learn how to fix things, is just amazing. I try to make at least one thing a week, but that can vary if I'm knitting or crocheting things while watching telly.

In 2011, I joined Sew Weekly, to create a garment a week with Mena, Debi, Sarah and Adey!  In 2012 I made a baby, he's a little Baby Darling! And in 2013, I'm just making 'Things'... so I'll probably make '100 Things' to have minimal stress and deadlines as I'm a new Mama.


The fabrics, notions and other haberdashery (LOLZ - sewing word!) I use are thrifted/second hand/op shopped as I believe in sustainability and recycling and refashioning things more than consuming and purchasing new garments. I only buy things new when I don't have an alternative (ie, my knitting skillz are limited and same with my crochet hooking!) but a small environment fairy cries when I do.


I take all of my own photos (unless Husbie is around) and I've recently got a Lumix GF1 and adore it. In my sewing room I have a Brother Straight Stitch Machine that has some crazy stitches that I never use, and an automatic button hole stitch that I do use (and would recommend it if you buy a machine, don't get a 4 step button hole one). I also have a Janome Serger/Overlocker that is the bomb, but I only use the 3-thread set up. I have no other real sewing machine insights, as I pretty much cross my fingers and soldier on.

You can always email me at veronicadarling AT gmail DOT com anytime!

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